Luna Wolf Vintage Logo Moon Howl

Lu•na (ˈlu nə) : The ancient Roman goddess personifying the moon.
Wolf (wʊlf) : (Animals) a predatory canine mammal, Canis lupus, which hunts in packs.

Romantics have long before prophesied the connection between the ‘moon’, and the ‘wolf’, signaled through art history as the pack of mammals living, loving, hunting and howling in the moons direction to communicate through mysterious elements of night.

This mentality is what we deliver to you, our pack of wolves. Living with white-hot stars in your eyes, drifting upon each day with an abandonment of worries fuelled by desire and love. Unique garments of clothes from the years passed, collected and maintained to add pieces to your lost weekends and daily routines. Sourced globally and delivered directly to you.

Inspired by the misunderstood lonely traveler, the wandering souls who find comfort in things from the past, and the crazy confused kids who find preciousness in the pre-loved.

Somewhat lost in time; own pieces that are unique as you.

Ali and Scott... Luna Wolf